The World Through My Eyes

As an introduction of myself, I will first say that I am an architecture student at the University of Oregon, and that this blog is designed to show my work and thoughts as I progress through the curriculum.

I Believe in the Small Things

It’s difficult for me to disregard seemingly small or unimportant aspects or events in my life.  It seems that people look at the big picture too often, only noticing what is clearly defined or distinguished.  I think, however, that the culmination of all the minute details in our everyday experiences define the course of our actions and emotions.  I’m not saying that every detail we tangibly experience is important, because some things are simply unimportant and may, in fact, be irrelevant.  But I am saying that I see things as larger representations of smaller events or concepts.

For example, when I receive a letter or package in the mail, I consider what is inside—the words on the page or the object in the package—but to me it is more significant and meaningful that someone devoted a period of their day to considering how I feel and what would make me content.  So in reality, the letter or the package is a smaller representation of a larger emotion that the person possesses about me, a representation that extends beyond their actions into a more meaningful place.

Just as I see small things expressed in a larger concept, I believe that these small events or ideas are contagious and occur much like a chain reaction.  For example, a man walks down the street in the same path he uses every day; and let’s say that for whatever reason he woke up in a bad or melancholy mood.  He walks past a perfect stranger and notices that they have made eye contact, followed by a smile from the other person.  Suddenly, the man is transformed out of this bad mood, and he is feeling happy.  At this point, he returns the smile to the other person and decides to change his attitude.  He is kind and caring to others, which instills the same emotion in them as he experienced earlier with that small encounter.  In this way, the small event in the man’s life transformed his attitude about his day into something greater: the small action resulted in a more significant reaction.

It is these kinds of small events that I believe will change our world, not only in how humans interact with each other, but with how we interact with our environment and ultimately how our world changes from the culmination of small events in our everyday lives.  It is the small action of someone choosing to ride a bike instead of driving a car, to donate a small sum of money to a good organization, or to plant a vegetable garden in the backyard.  Anything that seems small or insignificant usually is not because these small things grow into larger, more important concepts.   In this way, I try to think about the details and small experiences when I design, because I believe that these tangible details can represent and produce larger and more tangible results in the lives of others.  I believe in the small things.

“Venice Deconstructed”
-A piece that I created expressing the ways in which small pieces fit into a page, culminating into a larger scene; thus, representing the culmination of small elements organized to construct a scene in Venice.

“Il Duomo”
-A photograph from my travels showing the ornamentation in Brunelleschi’s masterpiece. Each element supports the other, creating an intricate whole.